Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revlon Lip Butters

Hi everyone. Today's post is about the very well known Revlon Lip Butters. They are a favorite amongst many beauty junkies, including myself. This product is also great for someone just starting to use lip products, or if you are looking to experiment with new shades! The formula is extremely smooth and moisturizing. I find that it glides on easily like a balm, and you don't even need a mirror! The color is pigmented enough so you can apply just one layer for a light flush of color or you could layer and build them up to something more bold. Since this isn't a lipstick you will have to re-apply every few hours, but I think its worth it. 

Pink Truffle is a nice darker mauvey type color. It doesn't have any shimmer, which is nice and has a shiny type finish.
Creme Brulee is a very nude shade. It is a bit on the brownish side, and again has a shiny finish. There is no shimmer, but it reflects light nicely. 
Peach Parfait is my favorite of the Lip Butters I have tried. It is a peachy pink tone with small flecks of shimmer. At first I didn't think I would like the shimmer, but I can't feel it on my lips and the shade is perfect for me.
Tutti Frutti was a brave choice for me. For those of you trying out the orange/coral lip color this is a great choice. It has no shimmer, very buildable and again has a shiny finish.
Berry smoothie is as the name suggests.. a light berry color. It is very wearable, and could be great day or night. This shade does have very finely milled shimmer. I couldn't feel it on my lips, and didn't know until I looked in the tube. 
My final shade is Strawberry Shortcake. This is more of a cool tone pink with no shimmer. It felt a bit thicker than the other shades, and I felt that it was more pigmented with one swipe as opposed to the others which required layering for the same effect. 

Overall, I think the Revlon Lip Butters are a great thing to keep with you just about anywhere. They make my lips feel great, and allow you to wear color without drying out your lips. The product is great, there are many shades to choose from, and the packaging is cute! What more could you ask for?

So, tell me have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters? What is your favorite shade?


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