Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce you to a great heavy duty concealer. Glamoflauge is made by Hard Candy, and let me tell you, this stuff can cover jut about ANYTHING! It is so pigmented that even tattoos are no problem for this product.

The formula is very thick, and it comes in a little sanitary squeeze tube. To use this, I squeeze the tiniest amount possible onto my finger and pat it under my eyes to hide those awful dark circles. I will warn you, if you use a lot of this product it will start looking cakey. Start with the smallest amount you can and go from there.

I was surprised to find that the coverage did last all day, despite my bad habits of running my eye area.

I have also mixed a tiny bit of the product with my moisturizer and applied it all over my face for some coverage. It worked well, but I would get a darker shade than your under eye area if you plan to try this.

This product is super affordable (got mine for $6) and it comes with both the liquid and pencil. It has great coverage, you hardly have to use any, and lets be serious.. It has a cute name!

If you've tried glamoflauge, let me know what you think!


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