Saturday, January 19, 2013

JewelMint Cyber Monday Mystery Box

Good morning everyone! I recently took advantage of a cyber monday deal from a company called Jewelmint. If you haven’t heard of Jewelmint before, it is a monthly subscription service offering jewelry and other small accessories chosen for you based on a style quiz taken at the time of your subscription. If you choose to skip a purchase, you can do so free of charge within the first 5 days of each month.  If you are interested, I will post a link at the end of this entry!
Anyway, for Cyber monday jewelmint put together a “mystery box”. This deal was $29.99 and guaranteed at least 4 jewelmint pieces but could contain up to 10 different pieces. Each mystery box also entered you into a drawing to win an iPad mini. I chose to take advantage of this deal and here is what i got!
IMG_0541The last time I ordered from Jewelmint, the box was mint green with a cursive font for the logo. I was surprised when I received this box, and it was sleek black. Although I preferred the previous font, I love the simple black box!
IMG_0536           IMG_0544
Upon opening, the first piece was this Hayden Necklace. It is a bit edgy for my personal style, but I think I will get some use from it. The crescent shape reminds me of a faux bone material, and the “T” shaped portion is a bronze-ish hammered material embellished with sky blue stones on the top portion, and three red/pink stones down the middle. Overall, I don’t think I would have purchased the Hayden Necklace on my own, but I should be able to incorporate it into a few outfits.
IMG_0537 IMG_0545
The next piece in my mystery box was the Vintage Horn Necklace. Again, this is a sort of hammered bronze type color. The pendant and chain are quite heavy, and seem as though they will last quite awhile. Again, I don’t think I would have purchased something like this on my own, but the horn is abstract looking from a distance, and I will be able to pair this with a few outfits.
IMG_0547 IMG_0540
Okay, last necklace.. I promise! I couldn’t find any information about this piece online. It is a long statement necklace, with the design made up of mostly round or oval pieces, linked together with small chains. Each of the large rectangle sections has two round rhinestones. I believe the stones are a very pale pink, but in most light they appear clear. If you aren’t into rhinestones, you can flip the necklace over and the rhinestones are replaced by more bronze metal.  I like the look of this necklace, however I think I would prefer a more traditional shape, rather than being long.
Last up is the Casbah bracelet. This is a very chunky purple bracelet, accented with gold toned clasps. The square configuration of the stones made it difficult to get on, but I was pleased that it fit my small wrists. Once clasped, there wasn’t much movement on my arm, which is something I appreciate when wearing a bracelet. I think this was my favorite piece from this mystery box.
Overall, I didn’t love everything I received, but that is part of the mystery. I would have preferred more variety in color of the metals, rather than all gold/bronze tones. I was also disappointed with the length of time it took to get my box. I ordered on cyber monday, and didn’t receive it until December. In my past experience, Jewelmint has been very efficient with shipping, so I imagine they were swamped for the holidays. On a better note, I got four new accessories that will get me thinking about outfits I could pair them with.
Did you order a Jewelmint mystery box? Let me know what you got in yours, or if you have any ideas how I could style these pieces!
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