Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Jergens Natural Glow

Hey everyone! I'm back with a new review. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the new Jergens Natural Glow.  I have used the old formula many times before, and was please with the results but I always hated the strange fake tan smell it had. I was super excited when I saw that this new formula claimed to be "odor free"

Naturally, I couldn't wait to test the new formula. I decided to pick up the light to medium shade since I'm fairly pal from the long New England winter. 

I made sure to use a body scrub in the shower to properly exfoliate my body. This helps to ensure a less streaky application, and better overall performance. My first impression straight from the bottle was that it smelled somewhat like vanilla and sunscreen. I applied it to my body, excluding my face, washed my hands and then the waiting process began. It seemed to take quite awhile (about 15 minutes) for it to dry. I like to make sure the product is completely absorbed before getting dressed to prevent any transfer of color to my clothes.

Next came the real test.. Was the fake tan smell gone?? Drumroll .....nope.  Now don't get me wrong, the smell was greatly improved from the last formula. It was much less noticeable and kept that sort of vanilla undertone. I couldn't sense it all day, but would pick up the scent sporadically. 

Needless to say, although this was not "odor free" as advertised, I was happy with the improvement and will continue to use this product. It leaves me with subtle color, and it doesn't look orange! I prefer using this every few days to give me some color before i spend my summer on our boat getting a real tan! I am also interested to see if the medium to tan shade will show the same improvements. Do you have any recommendations for other self-tan products? What are or experiences with "natural glow"