Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper

Hi everyone. Today I'd like to tell you about a fairly new product...Maybelline Color Whispers. This product is Maybelline's long awaited answer to the lip butter craze. The website describes them as "pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel. No heavy waxes, or oils. Soft, sexy gel-color" Wow, that sounds great, doesn't it?

After a trip to Target I was able to find them. My target had a limited supply, most were light very baby pinkish colors ( not something I'm interested in) but I did find one mauve/ berry color. I picked up my color whisper in shade 80, Made-It Mauve. The package is super cute, and reflects the color inside. The tube is skinner than products like the Revlon lip butters, which I actually like. I find that a skinner product gives me more control during application, and I can get in to the outer parts of my lips without it ending up all over my face.

Now,on to performance. The formula applies super smoothly. It felt silky on my lips, and I found myself rubbing them together, just because it felt nice. It was very light weight, not sticky at all, and left a sort of shiny finish. The pigmentation was as I expected. It was not the color payoff you get with a lipstick, but hey, it's not supposed to be a lipstick! I would say the color whisper has about the same pigmentation as the Revlon Lip Butters.

Another property I liked was that there was absolutely no shimmer or glitter in the product. I find that glitter or shimmer tends to stick to the lips, even after the pigment has faded. That isn't an issue with this product.

Overall, I LOVE the Maybelline Color Whispers. The formula is amazing and feels great on my lips. Keep in mind that if you are looking for all day staying power, or opaque color... This product isn't a stain or lipstick and will not give that to you. On the other hand, if you are looking for hints of color, moisture, and a lightweight formula go get this product right now!!

Have you tried any other shades?? Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce you to a great heavy duty concealer. Glamoflauge is made by Hard Candy, and let me tell you, this stuff can cover jut about ANYTHING! It is so pigmented that even tattoos are no problem for this product.

The formula is very thick, and it comes in a little sanitary squeeze tube. To use this, I squeeze the tiniest amount possible onto my finger and pat it under my eyes to hide those awful dark circles. I will warn you, if you use a lot of this product it will start looking cakey. Start with the smallest amount you can and go from there.

I was surprised to find that the coverage did last all day, despite my bad habits of running my eye area.

I have also mixed a tiny bit of the product with my moisturizer and applied it all over my face for some coverage. It worked well, but I would get a darker shade than your under eye area if you plan to try this.

This product is super affordable (got mine for $6) and it comes with both the liquid and pencil. It has great coverage, you hardly have to use any, and lets be serious.. It has a cute name!

If you've tried glamoflauge, let me know what you think!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush

Hi everyone. Thanks to influenster I was able to test out the Goody QuikStyle paddle brush. This brush is equipped with little pieces of microfiber, aiming to help your hair dry faster. I've been using this brush for about 2 weeks and I am very pleased with it.

Wet hair has to be one of my least favorite things, so I was super excited when this product actually did what it claimed to. On fresh from the shower hair, you can brush it through and the microfiber actually mops up the excess water! I'm not saying do a few sweeps and expect bone dry hair... but I did notice a difference. The design also works great when using a blow dryer. I find that this brush allows the warm air to flow through, rather than block it and as a result dries faster. It also left my hair smooth and soft. I was a bit worried about the microfiber collecting bacteria if it was sitting around soaking wet, but I did some research and found that they were anti-bacterial! It seems like Goody thought of everything when making this brush.

I would definitely suggest checking this out. You can find it for about $12 at drugstores and places like Target or Walmart. Have you tried this brush out? What did you think? If not, what is your favorite brush/comb?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revlon Lip Butters

Hi everyone. Today's post is about the very well known Revlon Lip Butters. They are a favorite amongst many beauty junkies, including myself. This product is also great for someone just starting to use lip products, or if you are looking to experiment with new shades! The formula is extremely smooth and moisturizing. I find that it glides on easily like a balm, and you don't even need a mirror! The color is pigmented enough so you can apply just one layer for a light flush of color or you could layer and build them up to something more bold. Since this isn't a lipstick you will have to re-apply every few hours, but I think its worth it. 

Pink Truffle is a nice darker mauvey type color. It doesn't have any shimmer, which is nice and has a shiny type finish.
Creme Brulee is a very nude shade. It is a bit on the brownish side, and again has a shiny finish. There is no shimmer, but it reflects light nicely. 
Peach Parfait is my favorite of the Lip Butters I have tried. It is a peachy pink tone with small flecks of shimmer. At first I didn't think I would like the shimmer, but I can't feel it on my lips and the shade is perfect for me.
Tutti Frutti was a brave choice for me. For those of you trying out the orange/coral lip color this is a great choice. It has no shimmer, very buildable and again has a shiny finish.
Berry smoothie is as the name suggests.. a light berry color. It is very wearable, and could be great day or night. This shade does have very finely milled shimmer. I couldn't feel it on my lips, and didn't know until I looked in the tube. 
My final shade is Strawberry Shortcake. This is more of a cool tone pink with no shimmer. It felt a bit thicker than the other shades, and I felt that it was more pigmented with one swipe as opposed to the others which required layering for the same effect. 

Overall, I think the Revlon Lip Butters are a great thing to keep with you just about anywhere. They make my lips feel great, and allow you to wear color without drying out your lips. The product is great, there are many shades to choose from, and the packaging is cute! What more could you ask for?

So, tell me have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters? What is your favorite shade?


Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Glam Bag!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic new year so far. I wanted to share a look into my ipsy Glam Bag with you. I have been subscribed for about a year, and in my opinion, the bags have been getting better and better. Here is what I got in my January 2013 bag!!


I was super excited when I saw this generous sample of Argan Oil in this month's bag. Up until now, I had not tried any sort of beauty oils, so naturally I opened this to test as soon as I unloaded the rest of my bag. First, I put a few drops into my hand and rubbed it into my face as a moisturizer. (Keep in mind I had just taken a shower, and had no makeup on.) I waited a minute then felt my face. It was AMAZING!! So soft and smooth. I also applied some of the product to the ends of my hair... same result. Silky smooth. I was also impressed that throughout the day my face didn't get oily, and my hair had no residue. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product and could definitely see myself re-purchasing it in the future. 

Let me start off by saying MMMM Grapefruit! I absolutely love the smell of this body butter. I tried some on my hands quickly. It seemed smooth, fresh and not greasy. The formula wasn't overly thick, but it seemed to be very moisturising. I have only used this once, but was happy with the product. I will continue to test it out. Either way, I couldn't be happier with the scent!

Here's one thing I will never complain about receiving in a glam bag.. New brushes! This month I got the crease brush from SOHO Beauty. This one is from their "Get A Grip" line. It has soft, fluffy synthetic bristles and I like how it comes to a slight point for accurate product placement. I haven't tried this out yet, but I'm excited to do so and I will keep you updated!!

Next was the Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Frappe. This is a pretty nude color. The only other nailtini product I have tried is an overcoat, which I also received in an Ipsy Glam Bag. I was happy with that, so I am looking forward to testing this product. From past experience,  I have found that nude polishes tend to take more coats for adequate coverage. I am looking forward to seeing how this stacks up with other brands. 

Big Sexy Hair has always been a great product for me. I have purchased this many times, and I am happy to have gotten a travel size. It is convenient to throw in my purse in case my flyaways get out of control. This doesn't leave my hair crunchy, and has a nice, medium strength hold. On days when my hair feels super flat, this always does the trick to lift it away from my scalp and provide some needed volume. I would definitely suggest this to those of you looking for new hairspray. 

h  This was yet another great Glam Bag from Ipsy. They have really been expanding their brands, and have yet to disappoint me. The bag is great value for only $10.00. If you haven't checked out Ipsy yet, you should go there ASAP. They have a great online community, with plenty of videos, tutorials and helpful members. I hope you guys a have a great day. Let my know what you think of YOUR glam bag. Did you get the same colors/brush as me?


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Liquid Lipshine Review

Thanks to influenster I recently received the liquid lip shine from NYC. This was actually my first product from that brand and I was extremely pleased. The applicator was sponge tipped, but unlike others I have tried this brush has a great amount of flexibility. I found this helpful, adding more control to the application process.
As far as color, I received the shade “nude York city”. S suggested it was a sheer, nude gloss. The formula had a pleasant smell and went on smooth. It wasn’t as sticky as I had expected, and as far as staying power goes I don’t expect gloss to last all day.
This product exceed my expectations for an extremely affordable product ( only around $3.00!!) I plan to purchase more colors and even check out more products from n.y.c.
Click here to see a picture of the gloss
hope this was helpful! Let me know about your experience with liquid lip shine!

EBOOST Natural Energy Booster

=pink_lemonade_2012         IMG_0565
Hi everyone. This month I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary box full of products to test from influenster.  Today I was able to try EBOOST Natural Energy Booster in pink lemonade flavor.  
My first impression after reading the label was that this is a healthy way to add some flavor to plain water. Personally, I find it difficult to drink enough water each day and I am always looking for ways to make plain water more interesting.  I received the pink lemonade flavor, and was very excited to try it.
Upon opening the packet I noticed that the product was a white-ish powder. It had a unplesant odor, but that wasn’t a problem seeing as I would be dissolving it in water. I proceeded to pour the contents of my packet into a 12oz of water (as suggested) and shook it up. I braced myself… and took a sip.  Although this wasn’t my favorite pink lemonade drink, I have tasted other all natural  type drinks, and this was much better. The lemonade flavor was not very strong, but could most likely be adjusted depending on the  amount of water you use.
After doing some research, I found out that EBOOST is derived from green tea extracts, which gives you energy without relying on things like taurine. If you are not a big fan of pink lemonade, you could also try natural orange, or acai pomegranate.
Overall, I think this is a great alternative to plain water, and other sugary drinks. I think next time I would use less water, since I prefer a stronger flavor, but I was pleased with this product.
Have you tried EBOOST? What did you think? What other tricks do you have to make water more interesting??
*I was sent this item complimentary from influenster to test and review. Thank you @influenster

2012 Holiday VoxBox

Hi everyone, I hope you are all ready for the upcoming holidays. I just got in from checking the mail and was plesantly surprised to find that my Holiday VoxBox from influenster had arrived! For those of you who don’t know, Influenster is a community to share opinions and thoughts about all sorts of products. It is not limited to beauty, and it allows you to post blogs, videos, photos and reviews in order to boost your “influenster score” The higher your score, the more likely you are to receive free products to test. Here is my first VoxBox!!
My 2012 Holiday VoxBox includes:
1. Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal “Cherry Pistachio” flavor
2. NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in the color  582 “Nude York City”
3. Kiss Nail Dress in “Babydoll”
4. Eboost powder in “Pink Lemonade”
5. The Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush
6. Sole Society $25 off your first purchase coupon
I have never tried any of these products, and I am very excited to test everything out. I will keep you posted on my opinions.. so keep checking back for detailed reviews! Merry Christmas :)
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Bye, Bye Chapped Lips


It’s that time of year again… Christmas carols, sparkling lights and CHAPPED LIPS. For me, winter is the one time of year I will double check my purse before leaving without a lip balm or chapstick. Fortunately, I recently rediscovered an old favorite and though I would share it with all of you!
Rose salve by C.O Bigelow has been my go-to product this season. Not only is it ultra moisturizing for lips, it can also be used for cuticles, elbows, knees, and even the face! One problem I have run into with lip products is the stickiness, in my opinion (and my boyfriend’s after the kiss test) rose salve has no trace of stick. It applies smoothly, and as you could guess has a rose scent. Don’t be fooled by the light pink hue in the tin though, there is no color transfer to your skin.
I have also tried this on my cuticles, and noticed that they are much more smooth and healthy looking. I’m thinking of applying some to my heels before bed, and sleeping with socks on to see if it will seal in moisture on those rough areas me tend to neglect.
Overall, this is a great product and I’m glad I re- discovered it! I purchased mine at Bath and Body Works for about $6.00, and it’s well worth the price!
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JewelMint Cyber Monday Mystery Box

Good morning everyone! I recently took advantage of a cyber monday deal from a company called Jewelmint. If you haven’t heard of Jewelmint before, it is a monthly subscription service offering jewelry and other small accessories chosen for you based on a style quiz taken at the time of your subscription. If you choose to skip a purchase, you can do so free of charge within the first 5 days of each month.  If you are interested, I will post a link at the end of this entry!
Anyway, for Cyber monday jewelmint put together a “mystery box”. This deal was $29.99 and guaranteed at least 4 jewelmint pieces but could contain up to 10 different pieces. Each mystery box also entered you into a drawing to win an iPad mini. I chose to take advantage of this deal and here is what i got!
IMG_0541The last time I ordered from Jewelmint, the box was mint green with a cursive font for the logo. I was surprised when I received this box, and it was sleek black. Although I preferred the previous font, I love the simple black box!
IMG_0536           IMG_0544
Upon opening, the first piece was this Hayden Necklace. It is a bit edgy for my personal style, but I think I will get some use from it. The crescent shape reminds me of a faux bone material, and the “T” shaped portion is a bronze-ish hammered material embellished with sky blue stones on the top portion, and three red/pink stones down the middle. Overall, I don’t think I would have purchased the Hayden Necklace on my own, but I should be able to incorporate it into a few outfits.
IMG_0537 IMG_0545
The next piece in my mystery box was the Vintage Horn Necklace. Again, this is a sort of hammered bronze type color. The pendant and chain are quite heavy, and seem as though they will last quite awhile. Again, I don’t think I would have purchased something like this on my own, but the horn is abstract looking from a distance, and I will be able to pair this with a few outfits.
IMG_0547 IMG_0540
Okay, last necklace.. I promise! I couldn’t find any information about this piece online. It is a long statement necklace, with the design made up of mostly round or oval pieces, linked together with small chains. Each of the large rectangle sections has two round rhinestones. I believe the stones are a very pale pink, but in most light they appear clear. If you aren’t into rhinestones, you can flip the necklace over and the rhinestones are replaced by more bronze metal.  I like the look of this necklace, however I think I would prefer a more traditional shape, rather than being long.
Last up is the Casbah bracelet. This is a very chunky purple bracelet, accented with gold toned clasps. The square configuration of the stones made it difficult to get on, but I was pleased that it fit my small wrists. Once clasped, there wasn’t much movement on my arm, which is something I appreciate when wearing a bracelet. I think this was my favorite piece from this mystery box.
Overall, I didn’t love everything I received, but that is part of the mystery. I would have preferred more variety in color of the metals, rather than all gold/bronze tones. I was also disappointed with the length of time it took to get my box. I ordered on cyber monday, and didn’t receive it until December. In my past experience, Jewelmint has been very efficient with shipping, so I imagine they were swamped for the holidays. On a better note, I got four new accessories that will get me thinking about outfits I could pair them with.
Did you order a Jewelmint mystery box? Let me know what you got in yours, or if you have any ideas how I could style these pieces!
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