Friday, September 6, 2013

Lifeway kefir smoothie

Hey ladies!
Sorry for my absence, but recently I have moved and it seems like my whole life got on a new track. Anyway... Influenster sent me this cool voucher to try a great brand called lifeway. The voucher was redeemable for any product in the lifeway line. Choices included yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, cheese, etc!

Finally,  after weeks of searching I discovered a lifeway product at a grocery store. Luckily, I learned to keep my voucher handy so I was able o redeem it.  I used mine to purchase  a low fat strawberry kefir. To my surprise it wasn't super chalky, and had a decent taste. Obviously, it wasn't as thought I was sipping a fresh fruit smoothie, but the strawberry flavor was mice.

Overall, I feel this product is great for those on the go; however I feel that the convenience is not applicable for my lifestyle. Personally, I prefer more couture fashion and

I cannot thank you enough for the amount of support you have showed throughout the past few months. I can only hope someone is there for you as you are for me.  Stay true to yourself!